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This is me, Leonardo Restivo - AKA "Leo"


I define myself an Experimental Psychologist (MSc) and a Behavioral Neuroscientist (PhD). My passion is Data Visualization and Information Design (Visual Analytics) but I also enjoy getting my hands dirty with Illustration and other digital media. My approach to the web is: "Web equals Data".

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Here you can read about my achievements, browse my resume and find links to the web-sites, web-apps and companies I have built so far.

My Titles

  1. Digitial Media Skills - Visual Analytics

    OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design) School of Continuing Studies, Toronto - CANADA
  2. M.Sc. - Experimental Psychology

    Behavior genetics

    University of Rome - "La Sapienza", Rome - ITALY
  3. Ph.D. - Neuroscience

    Pharmacogenetics of memory improvement

    University of Rome - "Tor Vergata", Rome - ITALY

    Ph.D. - Neurosciences

    Pharmacogenetics of memory improvement

    University of Aix-Marseille, Marseilles - FRANCE


  1. Data analysis / Text mining
    Python R Excel Statistica

  2. Data visualization
    Python R Processing P5.js SVG/Javascript Gephi

  3. Data reporting
    Powerpoint Keynote Excel

  4. Illustration
    Inkscape Sketch (mac-app)

  5. Web development
    Javascript AngularJS HTML5 CSS3 (+Bootstrap) Python (Flask)

  6. Neuroscience
    Behavioral analysis

  7. Histology
    Neuromorphological analysis Microscopy


Web-apps & Websites

I love the idea of a web whose content is curated, organized and well connected. For this reason I am actively exploring new creative ways to use HTML microdata, data-attribute and semantic tags to design data-driven websites. I am also maintaining curated lists of items that allow people to discover and "connect the dots" between different sources of information.

Thumbnail of Loxeo.click's landing page


Data-driven web design

Every web page, every website should be built upon semantic tags and microdata


Thumbnail of neuroflocks's landing page


A curated list of Biomedical and Life Sciences events happening in Toronto


Thumbnail of Bestsushito's landing page


A web directory of the best Japanese restaurants in Toronto


Information design

I love drawing and experimenting with digital media

Example taken from data visualization portfolio | Leonardo Restivo

Information design

Web scraping + Data analysis + Data visualization


Example taken from illustration portfolio | Leonardo Restivo

Visual story telling

Figurative vectorial illustration


Example taken from photography portfolio | Leonardo Restivo


Digital photography: from smart phones to DSLRs


Hubbian Inc.

It's your content, only smarter!

Founding Partner, 2013 - Present

Hubbian Mission

To transform every event into a learning experience.

We harness the semantic links hidden in your content (conference agenda, list of seminars ...) to build enhanced data services and web applications that create a unique learning experience for the users | Visit Hubbian website

The road so far

We have developed several web applications for biomedical conferences across US & Canada, globally serving more than 20,000 online users.

The future

Our focus is on Biomedical and Life Sciences events (this is what we know best!). We are developing services that help people in the biomedical sector (trainees, entrepreneurs, academics) to be aware of current trends in their field.

Visit Hubbian website