Leonardo Restivo M.Sc., Ph.D.

Leonardo Restivo - "Leo"

Experimental Psychologist (M.Sc.) and Behavioral Neuroscientist (Ph.D.) with a deep knowledge in Data Visualization, Information Design, and Experimental Design in Behavioral Research.

Leo's latest research is focused on the behavioral & linguistic analysis of human-brand digital relationships.

Coming soon Development of a cognitive-behavioral classification system for improving digital customer insights.

Career Profile

Leo is passionate about behavior and discovering behavioral patterns in complex datasets. An innate talent for visualizing data and unraveling the psychological underpinnings of human behavior has brought Leo to apply his skills in many different fields.

The explosion of the web (and its social component) has further stimulated Leo's passion for human behavior. With a focus on brand loyalty and customer-brand relationship (both under the larger umbrella of customer insights), Leo is now using his skills to help companies and organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their audience's behavior.

Latest Research

  1. TAP system - Temperament-driven Action Patterns
    An innovative science-based approach to behavior and linguistic analysis to uncover profiles of brand advocates and people's attitudes towards brands and purchases. Coming soon

    example of text analysis using the TAP system

Work experience

  1. Chief Science Officer - Neuro Behavioral Analysis Unit | University of Lausanne, Switzerland
    Training and technical support in behavioral experiments design.

  2. Scientifc Advisor & Product Developer - Alterspark, Inc. | Toronto, Canada
    Content development, text mining and literature review.

  3. Founding partner - Hubbian, Inc. | Toronto, Canada
    Product development, front-end development, customer relationships.

  4. Research Associate - The Hospital for Sick Children | Toronto, Canada
    Fundamental research in neural stem cells and brain anatomy

  5. Research fellow - IRCCS - Santa Lucia foundation | Rome, Italy
    Fundamental research in behavior genetics


  1. Digitial Media Skills - Visual Analytics | OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design), School of Continuing Studies, Toronto - CANADA

  2. Ph.D. - Neurosciences (FR) | Pharmacogenetics of memory improvement | University of Aix-Marseille, Marseilles - FRANCE

  3. Ph.D. - Neuroscience (IT) | Brain circuits for long term memory formation | University of Rome - "Tor Vergata", Rome - ITALY

  4. M.Sc. - Experimental Psychology | Behavior genetics | University of Rome - "La Sapienza", Rome - ITALY


  1. Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - AlterSpark | Toronto, Canada


  1. Data analysis, Text mining Python R Excel Statistica

  2. Data visualization Python R Processing P5.js SVG/Javascript Gephi

  3. Data reporting Powerpoint Keynote Excel

  4. Web development Javascript AngularJS HTML5 CSS3 (+Bootstrap) Python (Flask)

  5. Illustration Inkscape Sketch (mac-app)

  6. Neuroscience Behavioral analysis Neuromorphological analysis Microscopy


Web, Data & Information design

Leo is passionate about a web whose content is curated, organized and well connected. He is actively exploring new creative ways to use HTML microdata, data-attribute and semantic tags to design data-driven websites.

Leo constantly experiments with digital media to find new ways to capture meaningful patterns in complex datasets

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Data-driven web design

Every web page, every website should be built upon semantic tags and microdata.


Example taken from data visualization portfolio | Leonardo Restivo

Information design

Web scraping + Data analysis + Data visualization


Hubbian Inc.

It's your content, only smarter!

Founding Partner, 2013 - Present

Hubbian's Mission

To transform every event into a learning experience.

Hubbian harnesses the semantic links hidden in your content (conference agenda, list of seminars ...) to build enhanced data services and web applications that create a unique learning experience for the users | Visit Hubbian website

The road so far

Hubbian has developed several web applications for biomedical conferences across US & Canada, globally serving more than 20,000 online users.

The future

Hubbian's focus is on Biomedical and Life Sciences events. Hubbian develops services that help people in the biomedical sector (trainees, entrepreneurs, academics) to be aware of current trends in their field.

Visit Hubbian website